Revolutionizing gastrointestinal medicine

Our endoscopic drug delivery system is set to impact over 1 million patients, improving their quality of life with sustained, maintenance-free medication.

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Precision treatment for patients

Thinner than a grain of rice, our delivery implant uses a bioresorbable polymer matrix to deliver medicine precisely where it’s needed at a safe and controlled rate.

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Long-term management

A single Edulis implant can last for up to 12 months, offering sustained and autonomous therapeutic management for chronic conditions.

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Fewer complications

We keep medication where it’s needed most and reduce systemic side effects with a higher bioavailability compared to oral formulations.

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Reduce patient costs

Our therapeutic system makes affordable medications viable for 
long-term patients, reducing costs associated with biological therapies and surgical procedures

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Doctor friendly

Paired with a custom-made insertion tool, Edulis implants are accessible to all GI clinicians with minimal required training.

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Vision and our team

Our delivery platform has the capacity to extend the therapeutic window and enhance the bioavailability of almost any existing small molecule medication. We’re dedicated to revolutionizing care opportunities across a variety of indications, from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), to chronic pain management and beyond.

Edulis therapeutic pipeline

Specializing in engineering and IBD care, the team brings diverse expertise to healthcare innovation. Their discovery journey led to the exploration of groundbreaking gut-based medical devices to address the unique challenges of managing chronic gastrointestinal pathologies.

Our team


Dowd Fellowship supports “high-risk, high-reward” research

Rice Business Plan Competition

2023 RBPC Semi-finalist

2nd Place at CMU McGinnis Competition

Edulis wins Litwin IBD Pioneers grant

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